SKYlink's brighter spot
SKYlink's brighter spot

SKYlink's brighter spot

Upstaging the travel retail market


SKYlink is a fast-growing game-changer in the global duty free market, connecting brands with travel retailers such as airlines, cruises and airport shops. 



This Germany-based company called in our services to sharpen their positioning in the international duty free market by

  • highlighting their cutting edge role in the market and
  • creating a company presentation that drives deeper engagement in the stylish hearts and professional minds of the industry. 



We defined the role of SKYlink to be the one of Style Explorers. With their smart style and high quality standards they explore markets to find the most interesting pieces with great stories.

By doing this we re-positioned the brand from an intermediary travel products seller to a travel lifestyle retail platform. As Style Explorers, SKYlink guides their audience through the world of travel retail with a high sense of professionalism and a nose for novelty.

BLOODY BELIEVERS developed the SKYlink Style Explorers’ Journal, as the obvious stage to share their stories and latest quests. From new prospects to newly hired staff, the readers are engaged in a more personal introduction with a bit more gloss than the standard industry presentations. The readers could experience the journal as printed edition and digital on SKYlink's website.

Results: the journal was an instant hit at many prospects of SKYlink, resulting in many listings among A-listed brands and carriers. 


Our special ingredients

  • Creative concept
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand experience design
  • Copywriting & storytelling
  • Collaboration with Berlin-based graphic designer Steffi Stagge