What we do

“Our sole purpose to brands and companies is bringing in bloody believers– fans, customers, partners, employees, shareholders – to move their businesses forward into the new era! We accomplish that, by creating worlds of uplifting experiences around brands, throughout the realms of the physical and the digital.”

BLOODY BELIEVERS is the creative-strategic agency with groundbreaking expertise in reimagining and building customer experience-driven solutions for businesses of the new era. We call it the era of the cons-human: the empowered human behind the consumer in this newly developing age of man (of flesh & blood) and machine (of steel & silicon).  As next generation agency we design your business solutions around your bloody believers.

In practice we not only make the customer the heart of our solutions, but moreover we keep the heart of the customer at the center of everything. Pure happiness or what we call happytality. That’s customer centricity to us!

Our studiolab is the beating heart of our operations, where our team of experience architects, storybuilders and other creators operate at the intersection of business, design and entertainment to boost up your bunch of believers. 

Tap into our bespoke services to elevate your ambitions to a world where happiness is everyone’s business. 


From LA to Tokyo, from Cape Town to Helsinki, we conduct our ongoing Experience Expedition to explore the new habits of the cons-human. Years of study reveal curious insights with crucial impact on many businesses and their systems. Let’s say, it’s a paleontologic gap.

We are happy to share our findings or to conduct yours exclusively to bring you up to speed on the new economy through the eyes of the cons-human.


The business solutions we can help you with:

  • (Re)positioning your brand in the new era
  • (Re)designing your business model
  • (Re)imagining your customer journeys for value generating cons-human needs.

With our special developed Co-Ex positioning model™, customer journey-based Experience Vitalizing Plan™ and other strategic tools we aim at returning much more value to your business. 


We design and develop Experiences. They are the new media to carry your message and merchandise right into the heart, mind and hands of your believers! 

As any other medium, Experiences have their own creative-strategic formats and business models. At BLOODY BELIEVERS we apply Customer Experience Design (CXD) as a special tool to create uplifting experience formats that (re)connect brands with the new cons-human, by telling their story right to the heart!


The world of the cons-human inspires us. We love sharing our sweet picks and insights. So, for your own inspiration do join in on our:

  • Experience Wake-Ups! - Talking sessions & masterclasses
  • Confessions blog
  • Whitepapers & Books 
  • Expert contributions on other media platforms