9 July 2018

The future is already happening now. We see how our world is changing. Actually, this is #TheBiggestTransformation ever in our current consumer landscape since it took shape way back in the early Victorian 19th Century. Through a series of technological revolutions, the Industrial Era has liberated mankind from industrious (intensive manual) efforts in providing goods and services to our growing societies. But now the Industrial Era has come to an end.

A new era is arising to release mankind from cerebral (mind cracking) efforts in handling all everyday problems in life! We can already see one major shift happening: old world products and services are massively moving into new world Conveniences. Data, intelligence and neuro-processes are key! As life-enhancing platforms, these Conveniences are built to unburden the consumer of the daily hassles in life. With the current Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution - the first of many upcoming Cerebral revolutions - these Conveniences will quickly become the domain of steel-and-silicon. Yet, our everyday consumer landscape, with all its industries and systems, is not designed to support this new Cerebral era.

At the same time, except for life-enhancing Conveniences, the consumer develops a new strong urge for life-enriching Experiences. Other than Conveniences, these Experiences are aimed at uplifting our life instead of only unburdening it from problems. So, while Conveniences operate on spending less time, money and effort on problems, the Experiences are designed to spend more time, money and effort on happiness.

Ironically, as in the Industrial Era the consumer awoke in mankind, it is the human awakening in the consumer of the new era. That’s why we also call it the era of the cons-human. And its new consumption landscape is a true wondrous world, where both Conveniences and Experiences are winning economic power. Along with it, the cons-human gains power as well. So, this big transformation is shifting and shuffling all the roles and rules in the current social-economic playing field. Brands have to (re)connect with the cons-human of flesh-and-blood, if they want to prevail in this new era, co-ruled by smart steel-and-silicon. Connecting starts with believing, and happiness is the most valuable asset to build on!

As strategic and creative agency of this new era we build strong connections between brands and their bloody believers through happiness. We do so by blending business, design and entertainment into our Customer Experience-driven solutions for either:

  • Convenience markets where it’s all about making customers happy by taking away their burdens
  • or Experience markets where it’s all about making them happy by uplifting their lives. 

In both markets we help brands in reimagining and redefining their position, so they can play their game perfectly in the new consumer world. Consider us as your guide through this wonderous world of the cons-human. And join us on this exciting adventure. It’s your best chance to be part of a new story.

And talking about new stories, we’ve embraced this unique moment – in-between two legendary eras - to spark our own brand story. It’s a new world adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A refreshing storyline that depicts the current shift from a Victorian-originated Industrial society towards an AI-Cerebral driven society. We call it ‘Adventures in the Wonderous World of the Cons-human’. And it’s a celebration of all rebellious believers who feel free to follow their human heart in pursuit of happiness.

In our world of BLOODY BELIEVERS we highlight four ruling characters. To be spotted when browsing through our online world. Each one representing a specific human trait, when it comes to consuming and making a business out of life-enriching experiences in the wonderous world of the cons-human:

  • The Wicked-Party-Hatter: the exciting need to be on top of our entertainment urges;
  • The Insta-Queen of Hearts: always into worshipping and sharing, and recently more into collecting hearts -likes- in the kingdom of esthetic delights;
  • Alec the Adventurer: responding to the primal call for escapism to break away from daily boredom;
  • The White Rabbit: a guiding enigma encouraging you to jump the rabbit hole for deeper education;

Actually, whenever you see the white rabbit, just follow him. It’s your call for adventure through the wonderous world of the new cons-human. You can even see him in our hallmark. So, call us!